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CJ Trowbridge
I'm Going To Die Someday

Inspired by many interviews Tim Ferris conducted, and the success of Andrey Azimov as highlighted by Pieter Levels, I decided to add this countdown to the end of my life expectancy to remind me to make good use of my time.

Remaining Life Expectancy
At Frogner Park in Oslo
Onebagging Europe

I onebagged a whirlwind tour of Europe!

Check out my evolving onebag gear list for international travel.

**Do I really need anything else?**

At Oslo's Viking Ship Museum At Burning Man 2019
Burning Man
  • I arrive for build week in !
  • Gates open in !
  • The man burns in !
  • The temple burns in !

I'm doing lots of experiments with different tents and cooling methods. Check out my blog post Exploring Shiftpod Alternatives which went viral quite unexpectedly.

Stay tuned for an upcoming megapost where I compare daily temperature curves in Shiftpods to cheap tents with and without aluminet, shade structures, ventilation, thermal mass batteries, and evaporative cooling.

Back To School

I left the workforce to finally get my degree(s)!

  1. Associate Degrees From Sierra College:
    • ✔ Computer Science
    • ✔ Social Justice Studies
    • ✔ Sociology
    • ✔ LGBT Studies
  2. ⌛ Moving to the SF Bay Area!
  3. Bachelor Degrees From SFSU:
    • ⌛ Urban Studies and Planning
    • ⌛ Sociology
  4. ⌛ Master in Business Administration
Sociology Internship

During the fall 2019 semester, I completed a sociology internship at Sierra College. At some point in the last year, I had asked several professors which populations are the most impacted at Sierra College (Which group has the lowest success). I was surprised to learn that no one knew the answer. Further research led me to learn that there was no current way of searching the data for the answer to this question. I set out to create a list of all populations which could be filtered and sorted by success.

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Chemistry Honors Project

For a Chemistry honors project, I studied the effect of various techniques and materials on prolonging that magical sleeping time in the morning before the temperature inside the tent gets too high to keep sleeping. I also compared expensive Shiftpods to cheap alternatives.

You may or may not be surprised by the results. This post went viral and ended up with over ten-thousand views as well as many emails and messages. Lots of people were very grumpy about the results. I can only encourage these people to produce research to try and support any alternative hypotheses they may have.

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Professional Plans

I have owned a small business throwing parties for over 16 years. There has always been a strong emphasis on mixed media with a core focus on digital media. In the last few years, I have been building collaborations and partnerships with like-minded groups and leaders in the bay area. Most of my current work involves queer liberation which I intend to expand on by launching several brand-new recurring events in that vein;

  • Torque Night: An industrial grunge night, incorporating elements of the goth, punk, and cyberpunk subcultures.
  • LoFi: A mixed-media art party with a focus on imperfection and digital media.
  • Blueshift: An art installation focused on informing visitors about science through dramatic mixed media art and functional scientific installations.
  • San Francisco School of Witchcraft and Wizardry: A recurring event with workshops and presentations focusing on esoteric wisdom traditions.

I have spent most of the last six years developing CRM products for Field Srevices companies. Initially -- until about two years ago -- I had a partner and a large team working on a custom field-services customer relationship management (FS-CRM) project called F2.

My vision was (and is) to eventually develop a widely accessible product as a next step after the early F2 work. This eventual project would empower lots of field services companies of all shapes and sizes to implement FS-CRM and reap the incredible benefits of marketing automation, audit automation, business analytics, and many other adjacent tools. I strongly believe that CRM is a solved problem which should be accessible to everyone who can access the internet. The market is currently stuck with low-quality Outlook-style CRM products. The market wants Gmail-style CRM products.

Several years into building F2 as a precursor to an eventual mass market product, it became clear that my partner and i had different long-term visions. They were only interested in building a high-dollar product to sell to a small number of customers. We decided to part ways amicably in order to work on our separate visions.

My initial plan for funding the business was to include marketing automation for free with the platform and charge customers a percentage of sales from new revenue we bring them with marketing automation. I tested this with early partners and it worked well, but there was a problem with this model. The work we are doing for all customers is high, while the revenue we get is high for only a few customers. In many cases, it's not clear that we would earn any revenue at all from customers.

I have come to see this project as funded more like Gmail; Ad-Supported (AS-[FS-CRM]) with an option to pay and remove ads. Ads are not fun for the customer experience, but ads make it possible for lots of people to get free access to these valuable tools. If people want to pay a small fee to remove the ads, that's great. The advantage here is that we are never losing money on any customers. This model will likely evolve in the future, but for now, I think this is the right strategy.


About a decade ago, I opened a cafe in Chico, CA. It's still there today though I am no longer involved as I moved away for school.

I have had a great deal of time to reflect on my challenges and successes in that project, and to compare my work to other cafes around the world.

I plan to open a new cafe in the bay area which focuses primarily on RTD&E price-accessibility and providing food for a diverse array of cultural needs.


I am developing a housing project with several partners. The basic idea is low-cost, fully modular, and mass-produced housing units.

We would be a one-stop shop like solar city; customers would just call us and we would manufacture, deliver, and install as many housing units as they would like.

Ethical Ventures

One of my greatest long-term aspirations is to open a venture capital firm dedicated to ethics, justice, and sustainability.

There are many examples today from Kapor Capital to Vanguard's ESGV ETF. There is a new perspective developing at the intersection of business and sociology which argues that sustainable and ethical business practices are better investments. In the case of the Vanguard ESGV ETF, their portfolio focuses on companies which value best practices in environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG).

This is a good example where the argument ESG is making is that these ESG-conscious companies will outperform other companies. In fact, ESGV beats the S&P historically. Beating the S&P has long been believed impossible; this is the holy grail in investment. The fact that ESGV beats the S&P seems to validate this concept.

I plan to eventually start a VC firm which focuses on ESG investments and helps companies develop into better ESG citizens. Putting out information about this topic will also be an excellent way to lead social change while drawing in further investment.

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