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Current Projects

Back To School

I quit software engineering to go back to school to work on social problems like affordable housing and food accessibility.

  1. Associates' @ Sierra College:
    • ✔ Computer Science
    • ✔ Social Justice Studies
    • ✔ Sociology
    • ✔ LGBT Studies
  2. ✔ Moving to the SF Bay Area!
  3. Bachelors' @ SFSU:
    • ⌛ Semeseter Abroad
    • ⌛ Urban Studies and Planning
  4. ⌛ Master in Business Administration
Burners Without Borders

I am helping cofound the first ever San Francisco chapter of Burners Without Borders! Ironically though the international network is headquartered here, they have not yet had an active chapter here.

Come to our informational meeting!


I have been developing CRM products with partners and on my own for over a decade. I plan to launch a free ad-supported version for public use sometime in the next several years.

Burning Man
  • Gates open in !
  • The man burns in !
  • The temple burns in !

Future Projects

Art Events

I have owned a small business throwing parties for over 16 years. There has always been a strong emphasis on mixed media with a core focus on digital media. In the last few years, I have been building collaborations and partnerships with like-minded groups and leaders in the bay area. Most of my current work involves queer liberation which I intend to expand on by launching several brand-new recurring events in that vein;

  • Torque Night: An industrial grunge night, incorporating elements of the goth, punk, and cyberpunk subcultures.
  • LoungeFi: A mixed-media art party with a focus on imperfection and digital media. Think LoFi + Lounge.
  • Blueshift: An art installation focused on informing visitors about science through dramatic mixed media art and functional scientific installations.
  • San Francisco School of Witchcraft and Wizardry: A recurring event with workshops and presentations focusing on esoteric wisdom traditions.
Sociology Internship

I have to complete another sociology internship for my degree. I am currently planning to expand on the previous work I did at Sierra College as described below. This will likely mean producing similar reporting for other colleges in the area, comparing the results from each of the colleges to one another, and producing more interactive and intuitive reports relating the results of the study.

Ethical Ventures

One of my greatest long-term aspirations is to open a venture capital firm dedicated to ethics, justice, and sustainability.

There are many examples today from Kapor Capital to Vanguard's ESGV ETF. There is a new perspective developing at the intersection of business and sociology which argues that sustainable and ethical business practices are better investments. In the case of the Vanguard ESGV ETF, their portfolio focuses on companies which value best practices in environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG).

This is a good example where the argument ESG is making is that these ESG-conscious companies will outperform other companies. In fact, ESGV beats the S&P historically. Beating the S&P has long been believed impossible; this is the holy grail in investment. The fact that ESGV beats the S&P seems to validate this concept.

I plan to eventually start a VC firm which focuses on ESG investments and helps companies develop into better ESG citizens. Putting out information about this topic will also be an excellent way to lead social change while drawing in further investment.


I am developing a housing project with several partners. The basic idea is low-cost, fully modular, and mass-produced housing units. These units can be stacked a dozen high or more. This would finally allow safe, rapid deployment of high-density, low-cost housing.

We would be a one-stop shop like solar city; customers would just call us and we would manufacture, deliver, and install as many housing units as they would like.

A nonprofit or foundation branch would buy, install, and manage large projects consisting of these units. This takes the profit motive out of property development and allows development to be driven by more ethical decision making processes versus the current system.


About a decade ago, I opened a cafe in Chico, CA. It's still there today though I am no longer involved as I moved away for school. I have had a great deal of time to reflect on my challenges and successes in that project, and to compare my work to other cafes around the world. I plan to open a new cafe in the bay area which focuses primarily on RTD&E price-accessibility and providing food for a diverse array of cultural needs.

Past Projects

Sociology Internship

I had asked several professors about which populations are the most impacted at Sierra College or which groups have the lowest success metrics compared to the average. I was surprised to learn that no one knew the answer so I decided to create a list of all populations which could be filtered and sorted by success.

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Chemistry Honors Project

I studied the effect of various techniques and materials on prolonging that magical sleeping time in the morning before the temperature inside the tent gets too high to keep sleeping. I also compared expensive Shiftpods to cheap alternatives.

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Far-Right Tracker

At least three white-nationalist neo-Nazi groups were active at Sierra College in 2019. They posted propaganda and recruitment flyers around campus on at least a dozen occasions. I worked on putting together a coalition between many student groups and outside groups to track and document this activity. I also built a blog for the strategic partnership to use as a central place to document and chronicle all the activity.

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Onebagging Europe

I onebagged a whirlwind tour of Europe!

Check out my evolving onebag gear list for international travel.

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