Photo of CJ Trowbridge

CJ Trowbridge

Software Engineer
Smart-creative and award-winning innovator, building technical solutions to business problems.

I am doing The Levels Challenge, building 12 startup products in 12 months.

  1. Securities Science: Run SQL Queries agains historic stock data.
  2. RSI Alert: Be alerted when RSI-14 drops below 30.
  3. Draupnr: Automatically generate static web sites based on feeds.
  4. CronPUT: Manages cron jobs.
  5. Condensr: Condense longform text.
  6. Exotic Weapons: A blog about building passive income sources.
  7. [Alpha] Top Story Review: An automatic parser and condenser of top news sources.

I spent the last few years building a custom field-services crm and intregrated marketing-automation platform for a mobile tech support company in Sacramento. Read about this passive income work on my new blog Exotic Weapons.

2016 was my first burn. The Man burns in 17 days. Check out my 360 videos!

I was born a tenth generation American entrepreneur, in the mountains of Oregon. With my life expectancy, I am 37 percent through, and have 49.3 years left.