Corona Projections

Each day, a new polynomial regression analysis is automatically performed on the latest complete dataset from John's Hopkins. There is too much data to show here, so you see a simplified chart here. If you want to see all the data, you can click here. Based on the regression analysis of the data for each country, a forecast is performed to predict how long it will take to reach that country's entire population assuming nothing changes between now and then (vaccines, etc.). Deaths are also forecast in the same way. Keep in mind that these populations will interact in unpredictable ways, so the data and graphs are likely to change on a daily basis. You can replicate these results very simply in order to check them using excel and the complete datasets linked above.

Showing Forecast For: Lebanon

Forecast Time Remaining:

Metric Current Value Final Forecast Value End Date
Infections534,9686,825,445 (100% of Population)2024-08-23

About The Projections:

Fact Value
Datapoints From Johns Hopkins Used For This Forecast958
Infections Forecast R^297.89% Confidence
Infections Forecast Formula*
Deaths Forecast R^293.78% Confidence
Deaths Forecast Formula*

*X is days since 2020-01-22.

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