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CAVEAT EMPTOR: This is all the memes and content I choose to save. Some of it I agree with. Some of it I specifically disagree with. For example I often save something specifically because it is a bad argument or because it typifies a common bad argument that someone might make. I often save memes about beliefs and ideas that I disagree wiht. Do not take the presence of a meme here to mean I agree with or endorse the content, it may well be here specifically because I don't. This is my unfiltered stream of saving for any and all noteworthy memes.

Saved in Rainbow Capitalism
4 weeks ago ago
Saved in Rainbow Capitalism
5 months ago ago




45 2020 AOC/Blanks Accellerationism Accountability Culture All Allyship Ancom Animals Anti-America Anti-Anti-Communism Anti-Anti-Coronavirus Anti-Anti-Marxism Anti-Anti-Nuclear Anti-Anti-vaxx Anti-Billionaires Anti-Biphobia Anti-Boomer Anti-Capitalism Anti-Capitalism - Food Anti-Centrism Anti-Centrism/Buttigieg Anti-Christianity Anti-Colonialism Anti-Conservative Anti-Conservative/Facebook_files Anti-Cops Anti-DNC Anti-Ecofascism Anti-Electoral College Anti-Fascism Anti-Homophobia Anti-Incel Anti-Landlord Anti-Liberal Anti-Libertarian Anti-Masculinity Anti-Monogamy Anti-Racism Anti-Religion Anti-Sexism Anti-Tanky Anti-Tech Anti-Toxic-Masculinity Anti-Transphobia Anti-Trump Apocalypse Astronomy Atheism Australia Avatar Behaviorism Being Weird Boomer Burning Man Carole Baskin Cats Chernobyl Climate Change Coffee Communication Conspiracy Theories Copypasta Coronavirus Creeping Beige Cyberpunk Drugs Ecology Economics Education Electric Vehicles Executive Function Extropanism Fallacies Family Feels Feminism Food Futurism Gen Z GoT Green Harry Potter Health History Housing Indigenous People Jokes Karen Leftism Leftism - Labor Theory of Value Leftism - Tankies Liminality LoTR Loki Mandela Effect Maps Marxism Math Mayonnaise Medicine Mental Health Meta Meta - Games Meta - Games - Copypasta Meta - Reactions Meta - Reactions - Darwinism Meta - Reactions/facepalms Meta - Stealing Meta - The Game Millenialism Modding Music Neo-Dadaism Nihilism Nomadism Nonself Nudism OC OC/Blanks OC/People Of OC/Queer History Months Optimism Permaculture Personal Growth Philosophy Piracy Plants Polyamory Porn Powerful Auras Pride Pro-Choice Queen of Hearts Queer Queer - Anxiety Queer - Post-Structuralism Quonset Structures Rainbow Capitalism Rome SF Science Science - Quantum Mechanics Science - Quantum Mechanics/Facebook_files Ska Social Media Sociology Sociology - Illocutionary Silencing Sociology - Intersectionality Sociology - Natives Sociology - Trauma Star Trek Star Trek - Klingon Honor Star Trek - Queer Star Trek - Tuvix Star Wars Star Wars - Ahsoka Star Wars - Baby Yoda Show Star Wars - Baby Yoda Show/Blanks Star Wars - Kenobi Star Wars - The Ones Star Wars - Thrawn Stargate Strategy Surveillance Sustainability Tesla, Nikola Throwing Batteries Into The Ocean Trans Transhumanism Transit Unions Urbanism Witchcraft

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