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2019 Goals and Progress

  • Each of three projects produces at least 20% of total revenue.
  • Monthly recurring revenue (MRR) from these new projects exceeds $1,000.
Remaining Time:
Current MRR: $____.__ (% Complete)
Revenue Totals
Revenue Mix

Primary Goals

Salesforce Consulting

I have a great deal of experience with CRM administration and development. I want to put together a small consulting business to leverage these skills as well as to prepare myself for a future career adjacent to this field.


I have owned a DJ comapny for 15 years. I've left it on the back burner for the last year, so now I'm focusing on setting up two weekly events as well as monthly weddings.

The biggest change will be an emphasis on creating products and services that work as business solutions rather than just ad-hoc events.

Another big challenge will be removing myself from the operations picture.

Content Platform

I have a main blog which gets a fair deal of traffic related to some niche topics. I have already done some testing for monetization through affiliate programs and seen a surprising amount of success. I intend to expand on this, including several new niche branded blogs where I will create and share content with affiliate links.

I also have several other content sites which focus on small niches. These will be developed and expanded with a goal of monetizing them.

  • Blog

    I have been blogging for years and have some ten thousand pages on my blog. Many of them include affiliate links. Some of them are already generating some revenue with just organic traffic. I'm expanding this strategy to include targeted advertising to drive traffic to certain posts.

  • Cooooooooooool

    This project focuses on interesting things like everyday-carry or bug-out-bag lists and links to some of my favorite books.

  • French Fry Blog

    This is a blog about the best french fry experiences. I am currently hiring correspondents around the world to share their stories.

  • Norcalist

    This will allow users to search for specific types of weekly events, rather than bars and nightclubs. This is a fundamental advantage over most currently available search products.

    The value of this project is not just for itself, but also as a source of market research data for my DJ company and CRM consulting business.

Bolt Action

I will be selling kits of lagbolts with links. These are an excellent solution for anchoring temporary structures under high wind conditions at music and art festivals. They are surprisingly difficult to put together from scratch, requiring a significant amount of research. This affords me an advantage which I can leverage as a product.

Secondary Goals


With these projects, I will be leveraging virtual assistants for the first time. In order to gather and update content on Norcalist, virtual assistants will make the phone calls and enter the data.

Atoms Instead Of Just Bits

With Bolt Action, I will be selling physical products. Supply chain logistics are something I have worked with in the past, but certainly not perfected. Depending on the success of the project, I will also have the opportunity to reach out to manufacturing partners for the first time in my career. This valuable skill will prepare me for more complex supply-chain logistics projects in the future.

Owner, Not Manager

On the advice of Tim Ferriss, I will work to rearchitect my DJ company so that I am not directly involved most of the time.

Content Pipelines and Feedback Loops

Ideally, the content business will evolve into a steady pipeline of posts whose production can eventually be outsourced. This also creates the opportunity for interesting continuous integration processes related to results from ad spend and conversions.