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CJ Trowbridge

The world is very complicated and broken. Let's try to understand together.

CJ Trowbridge
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Back To School!

I quit software engineering to go back to school and work on serving marginalized populations by developing sustainable infrastructure for small-group communities, especially experimental and improvised communities.

  1. Associates Degrees @ Sierra College:
    • ✔ Computer Science
    • ✔ Sociology
    • ✔ Social Justice Studies
    • ✔ Women's Studies
    • ✔ Behavioral Science
    • ✔ Natural Science (Astronomy + Physics + Chemistry)
    • ✔ LGBT Studies and Queer Studies
  2. Bachelors @ SFSU:
  3. Masters @ SFSU:
  4. Graduate Certificates:

Future Projects

These projects are not under active development but I am hopeful that I will one day be able to work on them.

Community Capital

One of my greatest long-term aspirations is to open a venture capital firm dedicated to ethics, justice, and sustainability. I like the phrase "Community Capital" which seems to convey these points while also conveying a dedication to both crowd funding and crowd sourcing.

There are many examples of socially conscious VC funds, but there is a new perspective developing at the intersection of business and sociology which argues that sustainable and ethical business practices are better investments.

In the case of the Vanguard ESGV ETF, their portfolio focuses on companies which value best practices in environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG). This is a good example where the argument ESG is making is that these ESG-conscious companies will outperform other companies.

I plan to eventually start a VC firm which focuses on ESG investments and helps companies develop into better ESG citizens. Putting out information about this topic will also be an excellent way to lead social change while drawing in further investment.


About a decade ago, I opened a cafe in Chico, CA. It's still there today though I am no longer involved as I moved away for school. I have had a great deal of time to reflect on my challenges and successes in that project, and to compare my work to other cafes around the world. I plan to open a new cafe in the bay area which focuses primarily on RTD&E price-accessibility and providing food for a diverse array of cultural needs.

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