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Education Reinvestment


Full-Time at Sierra College AND Full-Time at American River College

  • Completed IGETC
  • Completed Assist.org
  • Working on an Associate's in Social Justice From Sierra College (2018)
  • Bachelor's in Computer Science at University of California at Berkeley
  • Then complete a Master's in Business Administration at Stanford Graduate School of Business

All other goals take a back-seat until I complete my MBA as quickly as possible.

Resume and Industry Awards


Tech 2U

Product Manager, Head of Enterprise Development 2013-2017
  • Brought in well over a million dollars in new revenue.
  • Led a team building a proprietary web-based front-end for their legacy FieldOne CRM.
  • Created marketing automation tools which integrate with legacy systems.
  • Built real-time KPI reporting tools and KPI-based development incentives.

Sequoia Equities

Manager, Won Sequoia's "2012 Innovation Champion" award. 2011 - 2012
  • Transformed a failed cafe into a thriving business.
  • Built and led a team, developing and reopening a shuttered cafe and several new mobile food carts.
  • Developed significant relationships with customers and vendors like Starbucks, Sysco, and others.
  • Growth of 1600% in the cafe over historic data, with about a 50% profit margin.
  • New food carts brought in an average of $2,000 per week, with 75% of that being profit.

Starbucks Corporation

Leadership Roles 2008 - 2014
  • As a Playbook Trainer, I led implementation of scalable labor algorithms in the Sacramento market.
  • As a graduate of both Coffee Master programs, I led my partners in product knowledge and identifying sales opportunities.
  • As a Learning Coach, I developed customized employee development regimens based on individual learning styles.
  • As a Barista Trainer, I trained new employees at some of the nation's busiest stores in Portland and Sacramento.

Philanthropic History


Stand Up Placer

  • Event services including professional audio for events like the Sacramento Pride parade, bartending, greeting, etc.
  • Web development and consulting.
  • Frequent business consulting.



  • Truly Full-Stack Software Engineering
    • Programming: PHP, Javascript, C, C++, Visual Basic. (Working on C#, Python)
    • Frameworks: Wordpress, Bootstrap, JQuery (Working on Unity)
    • Databases: MySQL, Microsoft SQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle PL/SQL.
    • Operating Systems: Debian, FreeBSD, Ubuntu, Windows Server.
    • Hypervisors: Xen, VMWare, VirtualBox.
    • Cloud: Digital Ocean, Linode, Amazon Web Services, Google Compute Engine.
  • Leading and implementing change in a corporate environment.
  • Providing excellent customer service.
  • Learning quickly in new environments.